Lordeano Essak

Real Estate Agent

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About Lordeano Essak

Lordeano has a passionate and heartfelt drive to serve his clients’ best interests. He is dedicated, knowledgable and committed to finding the perfect fit, whether it is a commercial property, an investment or a forever home. His devotion and unparalleled customer service has resulted in a continuously expanding network of loyal clients and referrals. Passionate to his craft, he continuously seeks to stay ahead of the game when it comes to market education and trends. In his free time, you can find Lordeano seeking new investment opportunities, traveling, or managing his properties through his own property management firm. He loves to try new restaurants and check out local attractions and neighborhood festivities. Lordeano is proud to have a family oriented background as he grew up helping his parents in their family owned business paved his path to success. Through his passion he decided to join the GKG family to further enhance his ability to continue providing excellence in quality, experience & service.

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